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Trade Development 2016 - Q3 and Q4 Update

08.05.2017  06:05
Exports from Malaysia to Denmark increased, while import of Danish products to Malaysia experienced a slight decline.

Danish imports from Malaysia showed a slight decline of approximately 1% from DKK 297 million (MYR 190 mio.) in Q3 to DKK 293 million (MYR 187 mio.) in Q4. The drop in imports was mainly within articles of apparel and clothing accessories and general industrial machinery and equipment.

Despite this, the percentage change in Danish exports to Malaysia increased with 5% growing from DKK 332 million (MYR 212 mio.) in Q3 to DKK 350 million (MYR 224 mio.) in Q4. This increase largely stem from exports within chemical materials and medicinal and pharmaceutical products.

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