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Welcome to our homepage

Welcome to the home page of the Royal Danish Embassy in Malaysia

Despite the formidable geographical distance between Denmark and South-East Asia, contact was made by merchant ships centuries ago to what is now Malaysia. Later, adventurous Danes arrived in the 19th century to seek their fortune as traders, craftsmen and working in plantations. Since then, contacts became much more frequent, and Denmark and Malaysia has enjoyed close and uninterrupted diplomatic relations since the establishment of a Danish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur as far back as 1965.
The Embassy is responsible for the official bilateral relations between Denmark and Malaysia. Besides supporting and promoting Danish interests in Malaysia – politically, commercially and culturally – it is also an important task of the Embassy to help and assist Danes who are visiting, living in or otherwise interested in Malaysia, as well as assisting foreigners who wants to visit Denmark.

Trade promotion
Few countries in the world have experienced such a rapid modernization of its economy as Malaysia has in recent decades. Malaysia is conveniently positioned in the middle of the dynamic and increasingly prosperous South-East Asia, and continues to enjoy a robust economic growth. The EU-Malaysia Free Trade Agreement, which is under negotiation, holds a vast potential for increasing trade between Europe and the Malaysian market of 30 million people. As member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Malaysia stand to benefit from the closer regional integration of the ASEAN Economic Community.
In 2014 Danish exports to Malaysia amounted to DKK 1.244 billion (MYR 0.655 billion) while imports from Malaysia to Denmark stood at DKK 1.486 billion (MYR 0.782 billion). Danish exports to Malaysia has traditionally been dominated by machinery, food products and medical and pharmaceutical products while sectors such as renewable energy and environment, oil & gas and ICT are being promoted.
More than 60 Danish companies have established subsidiaries in Malaysia. Many others are active on the market through local agents, importers and distributors.
The Embassy attaches great importance to promoting Danish business interests in Malaysia. Through the instruments of the Trade Council, the Embassy is assisting Danish companies entering, establishing and expanding their position in the market. We strive to tailor our services to the needs of the individual company to ensure maximum value.

Consular services
The number of Danes living in or visiting Malaysia is growing. Consular assistance to Danish residents and tourist is therefore an important part of the Embassy’s mission, for which it is supported by local honorary consuls. The Embassy is responsible for issuing of visa for Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland.

Public diplomacy
It is our wish at the Embassy to increase the opportunities to learn from each other through more exchanges between institutions and individuals in the fields of education, science, art and culture. We strive to promote awareness about Denmark and Danish-Malaysian relations through our website, and Facebook page as well as my Twitter-account.

Human rights
Denmark and the European Union see human rights as universal and indivisible, and work to actively promote and defend human rights. Both within its borders and when engaging in relations with countries such as Malaysia. Our human rights priorities in Malaysia include the abolition of death penalty, the promotion of the ratification of core human rights conventions, the promotion of children’s, women’s and indigenous people’s rights and the promotion of the freedom of religion and belief.I hope you will find the information provided on the website useful and informative. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvements.


Kind regards,
Nicolai Ruge
Ambassador to Malaysia since 1 August 2012