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Optimize through CSR

Case: The Trade Council at the embassy in New Delhi assisted Blue Pack A/S on how to enter into collaboration with Indian suppliers.


"The work around our CSR has improved the loyalty of the local staff at all levels. Our Indian supplier is an attractive employer in the community and this is also reflected in our productivity."  Poul Strandmark, CEO, Blue Pack A/S

Blue Pack A/S is a small company with 15 employees and a turnover of approx. 75 million DKK which specializes in the packaging industry. At Bluepack employee satisfaction is of high priority, and the company's general view is that if you treat employees well, they will treat the company well.

To emphasize the importance of this statement, Bluepack signed a Code of Conduct committing the company to vouch for the work conditions - even among foreign partners. Therefore, the company wanted a professional assessment of the situation throughout its entire value chain.

In order to ensure compliance with the CSR standards set out in the UN Global Compact, it was natural for Bluepack to make the Trade Council in New Delhi assess their Indian supplier. Subsequently, the embassy conducted a CSR workshop for Blue Pack and the supplier, so that they could establish an ethical code together.

Blue Pack has been extremely satisfied with the Embassy's help and sees great competitive advantages in the active CSR-profile. The fact that you can now document conditions in the entire value chain has proved to be decisive in determining whether the company will be chosen as a supplier in various processes.