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Internet Fraud

Fraud on the Internet is widespread in Malaysia. Please read below what precautions can be made. 

Among the most common scams are allegations of hospital expenses that must be paid after an accident or legal expenses which must be paid before you will receive an inheritance. Some may also experience scammers pretending to be head-hunters on behalf of large companies, where the one who is offered a job is forced to pay money for work permit, fees and administrative costs etc.

Fraud companies

It is frequently seen that fraud companies via the internet are offering products at favourable prices to the buyer, who then has to pay a larger amount of money in deposit. This is in particular electronics (computers, phones, iPads, etc.) and oil (palm oil, soybean oil, etc.).


The Embassy urges to be extremely careful to pay money to people / companies you have not met, or that you only have had contact with via the Internet.

If you are considering buying from a Malaysian company, you should be aware of the following:

  1. Look up the company in the company register, SSM (Companies Commission of Malaysia) via It is free to create an email account and afterwards you can look up the company name and CVR number (the company registration number).
  2. Companies that only disclose a cell phone number are often associated with fraud. These are typically cell phone numbers beginning with: 010, 011, 012, 013, 014, 015, 016, 017, 018, 019.
  3. Check via the Internet whether the address share location with hotels, shopping centres and other public buildings and be careful if it only has a PO Box address.
  4. Be aware of companies that only use yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc. as email addresses.
  5. An invoice should always inform of the company's CVR number.
  6. In general, be critical of sent documents and information, as well as payment and delivery criteria.

If an accident occurs

In case you want advice or have any doubts about the accuracy of the company, you should contact the Malaysian Embassy in Stockholm.

Furthermore, you can contact "", which is an agency under the 'Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation' in Malaysia.’s function is to fight Internet fraud and help users of the Internet.

For general inquiries:
Send an e-mail to

Office hours: Monday - Friday 08:30 to 17:30 MYT
Phone: +603 - 8946 0999

Report "cyber security incidents":
Send an e-mail to

If you wish to file a police report, in case you already have been scammed, you can contact:

Commercial Crime Investigation Department
Bukit Aman Police Station
Phone: +60 30 2616 3822 (Ask to be transferred to the Secretariat JSJK)
Police main mail:

Department mail: or
Police website:


Joakim Larsen
Deputy Head of Mission, Head of Commercial Section
Phone: +60 3 2032 2001–19

Nina Hvid Talvela
Ministry Counsellor Food, Agriculture and Fisheries
Phone: +60 3 2032 2001-23

Shen Ho
Senior Commercial Advisor
Phone: +60 3 2032 2001–11

Jaime Yong
Commercial Advisor
Phone: +60 3 2032 2001–10