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Internship at the Danish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur

The Danish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur offers two internships at the Embassy working on trade and public diplomacy. The duration of the internship is six months, 1st February to 31st July or 1st August to 31st January. We will be open for applications again in February.

Denmark in Malaysia

Malaysia is a rapidly developing economy in Asia. As a middle-income country, it has transformed itself from a producer of raw materials in the ‘70s into an emerging multi-sector economy with remarkable growth rates. The Danish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur promotes trade and investment opportunities in Malaysia by assisting Danish companies doing business in Malaysia. Among the focus sectors are: 

  • Food, Agriculture and Fisheries;
  • Healthcare
  • Energy and Environment and Waste Management

The work at the Embassy

At the Embassy you will be a part of the Political and Economic Section, which assists Danish companies in doing business in Malaysia and do public diplomacy promoting Danish values and interests. Examples of work tasks are:


  • Preparing meetings for the ambassador's political activities;
  • Assisting in the Embassy’s Public Diplomacy activities;
  • Attending meetings, conferences etc.           
  • Conducting market research data analysis;
  • Identifying potential local business partners for Danish companies;
  • Organizing briefs for visiting delegations;  
  • Preparing news articles about business opportunities in Malaysia;
  • Maintaining and developing the Embassy’s website, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

With an internship at the Embassy, we offer a unique opportunity to develop personal and professional skills in an inspiring, multicultural city. At the embassy, you will experience a dynamic workplace with kind and helpful colleagues. Outside work, you will get plenty of opportunities to explore an exciting city with a well-established network of expats, interns and locals.

General conditions and requirements
You must have finished a relevant Bachelor’s degree or similar at university level, be registered as a Master’s student and be a Danish citizen. Strong oral and written English-proficiency is required along with user-level IT skills. The internship should ideally constitute an educational component in your Master’s degree. 

Salaries and costs of living

An internship at the Embassy is unpaid, however, interns can receive an allowance of DKK 3,000 per month to cover expenses (flight tickets, vaccinations, house rental etc.) by choosing one of the following two models: 
1.     Receive the allowance and write off the SU during the internship;
2.     Receive SU and get relevant expenditures refunded up to the limited of 3000 DKK per month.

The cost of living in Malaysia is generally low.