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Consular services updates in light of the closure of the Embassy in 2021

22.12.2020  05:12

The Royal Danish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur will cease to accept passport applications for applicants aged 12 and above on 1.02.2021. After this date, applicants can submit their passport applications at any Danish Embassy with full passport service or at a Borgerservice centre in Denmark. Applicants will have the option to collect the new passports at the Danish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur until 1.4.2021, or any one of the Danish Consulates in Malaysia. 

The following consular services should remain uninterrupted:

  1. Lodging an application for a new passport for applicants age 11 and below.
  2. Lodging and application for International Driving License.
  3. Legalisations and minor translations.
  4. Emergency passports

Danes in Malaysia who needs a new passport, and will not be travelling to Denmark or another country where passport applications can be submitted, are encouraged to apply for a passport at the embassy during the month of January 2021. Appointments can be made by contacting

Options are being explored for future short visits in Kuala Lumpur by the Royal Danish Embassy in Jakarta with temporary biometric equipment to accept passport applications for Danes in Malaysia.

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