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In order to maintain informed about current policies, strategic initiative and industry trends it is advisable to take notice of the below listed government agencies and industry associations.

EU-Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industry strives to promote and aid trade and investment activities between Malaysia and EU. EUMCCI arranges events and host activities that creates a momentum, establishes a dialogue platform, and stimulates the network between European companies present in Malaysia and the Malaysian business environment, ministries and other key stakeholders.

Malaysian Industrial Development Authority is the government's principal agency for promotion and coordination of industrial development and provides recommendations directly to the Minister of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

MIDA’s area of authority is extensive and ranges from the evaluation of applications for incentives in relation to the promotion of manufacturing activities, tourism, R&D, training institutions and software development, to the issuing of manufacturing licences and evaluation of expatriate posts required by manufacturing projects. However, the Authority’s main focus is centred on:

  • Promotion of foreign and local investment in manufacturing and related service sectors
  • Coordination and planning of industrial development

In addition, MIDA seeks to assist new and existing companies in the implementation and operation of the individual projects, and offer guidance through direct consultation and co-operation with the relevant authorities at the Federal and State level. The Authority also facilitates exchange of information and coordination among institutions engaged in or connected with industrial development.

Malaysian External Trade Development Corporation was established in 1993 as the external trade promotion arm of Malaysia's Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

MATRADE serves as a focal point to Malaysian exporters and foreign importers to source for trade related information. By providing market research information and relevant advice, MATRADE assists Malaysian exporters to better position their products and services in the highly competitive global markets. The main focus areas of MATRADE are:

- Promote, assist and develop Malaysia's external trade with particular emphasis on the export of manufactured and semi-manufactured products and services
- Formulate and implement export marketing strategies and trade promotion activities to promote Malaysia's export.
- Undertake commercial intelligence and market research.
Creating a comprehensive database of information for the improvement and development of Malaysia's trade is also within the responsibilities of MATRADE. The organisation engages in activities to promote, facilitate and assist in the service areas related to trade.

The Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) is Malaysia's premier economic organisation. Since its establishment in 1968, the FMM has consistently led Malaysian manufacturers in spearheading the nation's growth and modernisation. Today, as the largest private sector economic organisation in Malaysia representing over 2,000 manufacturing and industrial service companies of varying sizes, the FMM is the officially recognised and acknowledged as voice of the industry.

The Small and Medium Industries Development Corporation (SMIDEC) was established in 1996 as a recognition of the strong demand for a specialised agency to further the promotion of small and medium industries within the manufacturing sector.
Through its provision of advisory services, fiscal and financial assistance, infrastructure facilities, market access and other support programmes, SMIDEC today serves as a national focal point for the overall development of SMEs in Malaysia.

The Corporation strives to create resilient and efficient Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), able to compete in a liberalised market environment. The aim is to promote SMEs as an integral part of Malaysia’s industrial development, capable of producing high value-added parts, components and finished products.