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Danish passports - at the Embassy

The applicant must submit in person a completed and signed passport application, which is available at the embassy in Kuala Lumpur or can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

It is necessary to be present in person at the Embassy in order to have digital photos taken, submit fingerprints and digital signature.

The applicant must bring the current passport.

Book an application for a new Passport
With the introduction of biometric passports, which requires fingerprints, digital photo and digital signature, please book an appointment to apply for a new passport.

Please call us at 03-2032 2001 to make an appointment.

We handle applications for new passports primarily Monday to Thursday between 9.00 a.m. and 12.00 noon.

Extension of 10-year Passport
We can extend the validity of a 10-year passport with up to one year. A condition for extension of an expired passport is that it expired no longer than three months ago. A passport can only be extended once and for a maximum of 12 months. We recommend that you make sure that the authorities of the country or countries you plan to travel to recognises extended passports. For instance it is not possible to travel withou a visa to the USA on an extended passport.

Provisional Passport
There may also be issued temporary passports to people who have lost their passport (police report required on application). When applying for a provisional passport, two passport photos are required. See requirements for the photos at the bottom of this page.

An emergency passport is issued with validity limited to the period required for the duration of the journey and rules of the countries to be travelled through and for a maximum of 12 months. Travelling with an emergency passport may cause problems with other countries' border controls. Therefore we recommend that you make sure that the authorities of the country or countries you plan to travel to recognize emergency passports.

Before leaving Malaysia on an emergency passport you need to go to the Malaysian immigration authorities to get a new entry stamp instead of the stamp which was in the lost passport.

Extra Passport
There may be issued a special passport with max. 2 years validity for people who travel a lot and therefore often have to submit their 10-year passport to other countries' embassies /consulates to apply for visas. Issuance requires documentation in the form of a letter from the company of employment. Additional pages cannot be inserted in Danish passports. A 2 years passport cannot be extended.

Passports for Persons under 18 years of Age
Children must have their own passport. When applying for the first time for a passport for a child, the following documents must be presented: i) Completed application form; ii) baptism-/name-/birth certificate and; iii) parents' marriage certificate. The parents or parent who has the custody of the child must sign the application (paragraph D on declaration of consent). This means that if both parents have custody, then both must sign the declaration of consent in person at the Embassy.

We translate free of charge the birth certificate for the first issuing of passports.

Passport Photos for Young Children
All children should in principle have a digital photo taken at the Embassy. For toddlers, we know, however, that it can be very time consuming. It is therefore in these cases accepted that the parents bring a photo, which can be scanned at the Embassy.

Pick Up of New Passport
When collecting the new passport you must bring the old passport for cancellation.

Passport / Residence Permit in Malaysia
Passports must be valid 6 months beyond the date of departure. Visa is not required for visits of less than 90 days duration. Malaysian immigration authorities also accept entry on Danish and EU emergency passport.

Malaysia's immigration authorities apply fees for the transfer of existing permits from an old passport to a new passport if the passport holder has entered Malaysia on the new passport.