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Danish Passports - at the Consulates

Since 1 January 2012 new Danish passports must contain digital photos, fingerprints and signatures. In this way the security against forgery and misuse of passports is strengthened considerably.

With the biometric passport you are in a better way protected against someone stealing your identity and pretending to be you and against forgery of your passport.

In order to issue the new passport special equipment for taking photos and recording fingerprints and signature is necessary. The applications must be handed to and handled by specially authorized staff, who will have access to certain data in the central citizens registry, the CPR.

As a consequence, since 1 January 2012 the number of passport issuing Danish missions abroad was reduced. A list of embassies and consulates which will issue biometric passports can be seen on this page (in Danish).

Which Passports Cases Do the Consulates Still Handle?

The consulates in Kuching, Penang and Kota Kinabalu can:


  • Extend the validity of passports

    We can extend the validity of a 10-year passport with up to one year. A condition for extension of an expired passport is that it expired no longer than three months ago. A passport can only be extended once and for a maximum of 12 months. We recommend that you make sure that the authorities of the country or countries you plan to travel to recognises extended passports. For instance it is not possible to travel withou a visa to the USA on an extended passport.

  • Issue emergency passports

    An emergency passport is issued with validity limited to the period required for the duration of the journey and rules of the countries to be travelled through, and for a maximum of 12 months. An emergency passport must be rendered to the Police or to a Danish mission abroad after use. Travelling with an emergency passport may cause problems with other countries’ border controls. Therefore we recommend that you make sure that the authorities of the country or countries you plan to travel to recognize emergency passports.

  • Passports for Children Below the Age of 12

    The applicant must appear in person and pay the standard passport fee.

    The applicant must fill out two copies of the ordinary passport application, including consent from both parents/custody holders or documentation that one parent holds sole custody.

    The applicant must bring two passport size photos - please see guidelines below.

    The applicant must hand in copies of other relevant documents such as birth certificate, parents' marriage certificate etc.



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