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Danish by Birth

A child is a Danish national by birth if:

  1. The mother is Danish and the child was born on or after 1 January 1979

  2. The father is Danish AND
    married to the mother of the child OR
    the child was born in Denmark after 1 February 1999

A child will also become a Danish national if the Danish father subsequently marries the child's foreign mother before the child is 18 years old (and the child is unmarried).

Danish fathers whose children do not qualify as Danish nationals according to the above mentioned may apply for their child to be naturalised as a Danish national, if the father shares the parental responsibility. For more information please contact the Embassy’s Consular Section.

The regulations governing nationality are somewhat complicated. Therefore, if you are in doubt, whether you are a Danish national you are advised to contact the

Danish Ministry of Immigration, Integration and Housing, phone +45 61984000, E-mail:


Phone 03 2032 2001,
Monday to Friday 09.00-12.00