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Nationals Born Abroad

As a general rule, Danish nationals born abroad loose their Danish nationality at the age of 22.

However, retention of Danish nationality may be granted:

  1. If, before the age of 22 the child has been resident in Denmark (generally, the Danish authorities consider a continuous stay of minimum one year sufficient to meet this requirement).
  2. If, before the age of 22 the child has been staying in Denmark under circumstances indicating association with the country. Residence in Finland, Iceland, Norway, or Sweden for an aggregate period of not less than 7 years is equated with residence in Denmark.
  3. If loss of Danish nationality will make the child stateless.

Due to the fact that the processing time of the Nationality Division of the Danish Ministry of Justice in cases concerning retention of Danish nationality currently is 14 to 16 months, applications should be submitted between the age of 20 and 21 years. However, in any case, applications must be received by the Embassy no later than the day before his/her 22nd birthday.

Application form can be downloaded from this page - which will also give further information.

Please forward the application to:

The Consular Section
Embassy of Denmark
Sunway Tower
22nd Floor, 86 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Please note that there will be a non-refundable fee.

The regulations governing nationality are somewhat complicated. Therefore, if you are in doubt, you are advised to contact:
The Danish Ministry of Immigration, Integration and Housing
Slotsholmsgade 10
1216 KĂžbenhavn K
+45 61984000


Tel: +60 3 2032 2001